He’s as … as

pattern 19

He’s as … as

✍ در الگوهای زیر از as … as استفاده شده است که کار “تشبیه” در ادبیات را می کند و به منظور ایجاد تأکید معنایی مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. از آنجایی که بسیاری از این تشبیهات بار معنایی فرهنگی دارند، ترجمه آنها بصورت مستقیم بی معنی خواهد بود. به همین دلیل از ترجمه آنها خودداری شده است. خواننده می تواند خود با تصویرسازی ذهنی به مفهوم دقیق جملات برسد.

?He is as poor as a church mouse.

?He is as fit as a fiddle though he is already seventy.

?Shelly’s father is as busy as a bee.

? The twin sisters are as different as night and day.

? The lecture is as dull as ditch-water.

➿ Conversation

? Have you seen him run in a race?

? Yes. He is as fast as the wind when he runs.

? But he’s not too good when it comes to studying.

? One of my friends said he is as dumb as a post.

? That’s not a nice thing to say.

? Maybe it’s not nice, but it’s true.

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